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Our Story

The founders of Syncly bring together over 25 years experience working with law firms from around the world to help in their adoption of technology. As the “legaltech” space continues to explode, so does the challenge of keeping your data secure.

That’s why we built Syncly! We wanted to create a modern platform that solved the issue of connecting your growing¬† tech stack together to allow for the reliable¬† and secure movement of data, without losing control.

“The legal technology sector is undergoing rapid change. This brings a certain level of disruption, but also an opportunity for growth.  IT departments are struggling to balance the demand for new technology, while still remaining in control over the security of the data being generated”

Stewart Rasmussen
CEO & Co-founder @ Syncly

Our Values


Passion is not what gets you out of bed, it’s what makes you WANT to get out of bed. We strive to inject passion into the workplace and that reflect in how we design our products.


Every single person on this earth has been a customer at one point in time. We strive to always treat the customer with respect and aim to provide an experience they will remember.


We hate BS as much as you do! That’s why we always aim to rip the bandage off and give it to you straight. No excuses, no buck passing, just good old fashion honesty.


What is the point in doing things the same way as everyone else. We welcome individuality and relish in alternative thinking. Because, life would be boring if we were all the same, right?

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