Automated HighQ Site archival has arrived!

  1. Shrink a site to 1MB
  2. Automatically remove user access
  3. Archive files, wiki, blogs, tasks audits and more
  4. Delete data or leave “stubbs” for future reinstatement
  5. Run as an automated Syncly workflow, or manually upon request

I have cant live without this in my life

How does Syncly work?

Syncly is a no-code integration platform (iPaaS) solution for the legal industry. Build integration workflows in minutes using a combination of our pre-built conenctors and our intuative workflow builder

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the Syncly Hub is where you create and manage all of your workflows and users. Mobile friendly, and accessible anywhere with an internet connection

Create new workflow

Create a workflow to either sync data, or archive data. Set the source and target systems, add filters and triggers, then choose to run in real time, or manually

Monitor and report

Everything that Syncly touches is captured for audit and reporting purposes. eather you just want to track a document, or recieve alerts for certain behaviours

Library of connectors

We are on a mission to build a library that comprehensively covers the legal sector. With over 1900 platforms identifying as “legaltech”, this might take a while, buy you know what they say about eating an elephant, right?

Client Testimonials

"Syncly makes moving documents across our tech stack a simple, enjoyable and intuitive process"
Michelle Grossmann
Chief Innovation Officer
"With Syncly, we can automate the sharing of documents with our clients, and then automate the archival of a site upon completion"
Asitha Udamagala
Head of Information Technology
We have rolled Syncly out across 5 locations around the world, and have linked SharePoint, iManage, and HighQ together seamlessly
Global bank