How it works – Syncly


Say goodbye to complex "blackbox" integrations

You don't need to be a developer to build integrations between your technology stack. Scroll down to see how you can deploy a workflow in 5min or less!

"We wanted to build a platform that takes the guess work out of integrating and managing your core software platforms. But above all, we really wanted you to ENJOY doing it. "
Stewart Rasmussen
CEO & Co-founder


Syncly is designed to be accessed via any modern web browser. Simply head to your companies Syncly URL and you will be automatically logged in using enterprise federation. There is no need to remember another password.


Our no-code workflow builder is designed to take the guess work out of creating integrations and mapping your data. Anyone in your organisation can create a new workflow by following the steps. Syncly will constantly adjust what it displays to ensure constant compatibility and simplicity. 


Syncly has a notification engine built in. Configure either online alerts, or email based alerts for when a workflow is triggered, completed, set to disable or any other scenario valuable to your situation. You can also elect for additional people in your team to receive the same email alert


We realise that you need control over how and when data is moved. Sometimes you want to do this after hours to ensure data reconciliation/accuracy. Use the final step to schedule a workflow to run in real time, manually or on a specific time or day or the week. 

Save & Run

Once you are happy, you can review your settings and make edits if needed. Else you are ready to save your workflow and give it a name and description for future reference. Once saved, your workflow will either jump into action, or sit there in an inactive state ready for you to manually run in your own time.


Connect your legal tech stack


HighQ is a leading collaboration platform heavily adopted across the legal and professional service sector. Learn how Syncly can help you manage the data going in and out of the platform


iManage is a very powerful document management system (DMS) that can form the backbone of your system of truth. Ensuring that all data leaving, is also returned is critical to managing risk


NetDocuments is a pioneer in cloud DMS. With decades of experience providing content management solutions for law firms and in-house legal, integrating NetDocs is essential to your tech strategy