HighQ – Syncly

Integrate HighQ

into your tech stack

Syncly empowers you to integrate HighQ without losing control over security and access control using our no-code workflow builder



Sync documents in and out of HighQ. Filter by version, format, size, author and more


Keep entire folders/sites synchronised, all subfolders and files, or flatten them


Take an offline copy of all site audit reports and store them for safe keeping


Save your blog posts and corresponding activity logs to a HTML or CSV file


Create a fully functioning HTML version of your wiki module for storage


Save every task created and its activity log to a single file for future reference


Make integrating your competitive advantage

Provide valuable data to your clients in real time

Focus on your job

Stop wasting time manually uploading documents. Configure an automatic workflow, and get back to creating content

Stop diverting resources

Syncly does not require an IT degree to use. Empower anyone in the business to setup a workflow

Avoid human error

What would happen if you send a client an old version of a contract meant for internal consumption only?


Archive an entire site to a destination of your choice

There is no need to keep data in separate locations unless it really needs to be there. Not only is this inefficient and costly, it can also pose significant challenges when it comes to stopping information from leaving the firm


No need to worry about user permissions

Syncly leverages a number of technologies and methods, to manage user permissions¬† ensure that you don’t have to¬†

Find out how others are using HighQ integrations to generate value

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