Co-design - Let's create, together!

Syncly CEO, Stewart Rasmussen, was recently invited to speak on a panel at the victorian digital innovation and futures festival (DIFvic)about the benefits of co-design in tech solutions.

While co-design is a relatively new kid on the block, the practice as such, has existed for a long time. When applied to tech solutions, It basically defines the intersection of product expert, and practise expert (lived experience). When both sides of this fence meet for the joint purpose of designing a solution or outcome and each party contributes their area of expertise, you could well be "co-designing".

The distinction between co-design and other phrases such as design thinking and human centred design, is that co-design is the wrapper around these other creative processes. For example, a well orchestrated co-design project may adopt elements of design thinking along the way, to help introduce creativity to how people are problem solving.

At Syncly, we are always working with clients and technology vendors to build new integration connectors.


"Client Abacus Pty Ltd, has approached Syncly to see if they would be able to build an integration to their new wizz bang contract generation platform. They need this platform to talk to their document management system to enable end of trip storage and future retrieval of the generated contracts.

Syncly already has an integration with the clients Document Management System of choice, but not for the Contract Generation platform. So a new connector is needed.

Syncly and Abacus Pty Ltd, work together to ensure the connector enables the desired workflow and end user behaviour. With Syncly guiding the client on what is technically possible, and with the client guiding Syncly on the end user workflow/behaviour"

The outcome is a a brand spanking new connector, that plays well within the Syncly framework and codebase, but also provides the functions required by the client to fit their specific companies needs.

Co-design can be a powerful way of collaborating with your clients. However, it is not something that can be done efficiently without proper planing and facilitation. It takes a good level of experience to ensure that the workshops don't fall into disarray and chaos, with no clear objective or outcome (we have all experiences these meetings haven't we?).

If you have an idea or need for a connector and would like to see if Syncly can build it for you, please feel free to contact our team - Contact Us

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