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Move documents across your firm - securly

The most common complaint we hear from end users, is that the lack of integration across the various technologies they use creates a huge admin overhead/burden. Often it required the IT department to help out, and this, in turn, introduces time delays and significant stress


No-code workflow builder

Build your own integrations using a combination of pre-configured connectors, and a workflow builder that ensures a workflow is error free by design

Select the source connector where the workflow triggers will apply, or where the data will come from, and the target connector for where the data will flow into.

Not all connectors are compatible with each other, and not all options are available for every combination. Syncly manages this dynamically for you

  • One-way - Allows for data to flow from source to target only
  • Two way - Data flows in both directions between source and target and Syncly handles data duplication and conflicts on the fly 
  • Archive - A form of one way synchronisation only with a number of bespoke config options specific to this use case
  • Connector aware configuration options to control high level behaviours - Options are unique to your setup i.e archival​
  • Flatten folders, recent version only, all versions, leave stub​
  • Configure a workflow with a trigger to define when a workflow kicks into action​
  • New file created, file deleted, new folder detected and more​
  • Further control what data is captured and moved by adding optional filters to your workflow​
  • Do/Do not boolean, file format, users, create date, modified date and more​

Taking a chainsaw to a leaf

Simple, end user uploads

We realise that sometimes a single document needs to be moved, and that users need a simple way to achieve this. 

Thats why we have created a number of Syncly plugins to provide end users with native right click menu capabilities without needing to open Syncly in your browser

FYI, not all platforms support native plugins


Alerts & Notifications

We know that moving your data around can not only break the audit trail, but can also be risky, especially in a world of increasing regulatory and compliance pressure. 


Attach alerts to a specific workflow, or set them up as standalone. Decide what event you want to be notified, how, and who


Syncly has a built in alerts engine as we understand emails are sometimes overwhelming. Login to the hub to catchup on everything important to you


Sometines things are too important to miss, so we give you the option to also receive an email alert. Plus you can tell syncly to notify other people in your team


Real-time vs Schedule

Workflows should be in your control. build up to realtime, all the time data synchronisations, but start with manual or schedules ones to learn how the system and your users are behaving.


Syncly will constantly monitor source and target connectors for changes or events, when detected it will perform a sync immediatly


Sometimes you just want to save a workflow that is configures to automate a task for you, but remain in control over WHEN the task is performed.


Data is not always ready to be moved until the end of the day. Or perhaps you are moving such a large amount of data, that you don't want to hog the network and slow things down

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