Syncly Trust Center

Support Policy

Syncly Pty Ltd (ABN 82 647 348 543) (‘Syncly’) current as at 7th February 2022

Levels of support

Syncly offers all clients with Standard support as part of their licence renewal. Premium support options are available for inclusion and may attract additional charges.

Email: Technical support can be contacted at

Hours of Operation: Hours of operation are all stated in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). With 9am-5pm (0900-1700) being available on weekdays only (Monday through Friday).

Tickets: For the purpose of this agreement, a “Ticket” can be defined as a request via any Channel listed in the table above to Syncly for technical support. Any Ticket that requires more than 1 hour of labour may attract an hourly charge of $200 AUD except where the nature of the issue was caused by Syncly personnel or Software.

Definition of severity level

Critical issue that severely impacts or prevents use of the service. The situation halts business operations and no procedural workaround exists.

  • Service is down & not available for all users
  • Critical data corrupted or lost

Significant degradation to performance or functionality, impacting a large number of users

Platform issues that have a moderate impact on the business
Questions or Requests relating to the functionality of the platform.

KPIs and Metrics

4Initial Response: Syncly will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the target initial response times for the applicable Severity Level. Syncly commits to delivering to these target initial response times for Tickets only 

Support includes

  • Loss of access to the platform
  • Process/integration ceasing to operate
  • How to add/remove a user
  • How to configure a function of the platform
  • Interface not rendering correctly on a device type
  • A feature/function unavailable
  • A request for additional functionality not currently supported by the platform

Support does not include

Can Syncly manage and maintain an implementation of Syncly for us?
Can Syncly train an employee of my organisation on how to use the platform?
We use Syncly to expose documents to a client of ours, can you help them access these documents? No, Syncly does not support your clients or external users. Only people employed directly by you

Can Syncly offer support for the applications we integrate with i.e How do I add a user to iManage? 

Syncly supports our integration (connector) only. Any support for the product itself falls on the external to provide

Can you help us configure Syncly in our newly acquired office location?

(Except where provided as part of initial setup for a new client)

Uptime commitment

During the term for which Syncly has agreed to provide you access to the Syncly Platform, Syncly commits to use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the corresponding Monthly Uptime Percentage5 according to the hosting arrangement as specified in your Order.

  • Syncly Cloud = 99.5%
  • Private cloud/=On-prem = NULL

Monthly Uptime Percentage: The percentage of time per month during which your Syncly instance is up as measured by our monitoring & logging infrastructure.

Syncly Cloud: Syncly leverages Microsoft Azure in order to offer our clients with a cloud licence of the platform.

On-Prem/Private Cloud: Syncly may provide a client with the option to leverage a locally installed version of the Syncly Platform