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Finally, a modern integration solution for law firms

In a nutshell: Syncly's plug & play integration technology will allow you to build secure integrations within minutes, saving time and money otherwise spent engaging specialist developers

Move documents & data

Connect Your Apps

Once you have created an account with Syncly, you simply need to log in and add each app you intend to integrate with to authenticate them with your private instances

Build a Workflow

Once configured, your library of connectors are ready to be introduced into an integration workflow. Build them to be run in real time, manually or on a schedule, configure them with options, triggers and filters

Monitor and Report

Say goodbye to the “black box” integration experience. No more technical SQL reports jut to see what is happening, simply log into the Hub and view audits, dashboards and reports on what Syncly is doing for you and your data

"With Syncly, we can automate the sharing of documents with our clients, and then automate the archival of a site upon completion"
Asitha Udumalaga, Head of Information Technology
Makinson d'Apice Lawyers

How does Syncly help create an integrated tech stack

Syncly is no-code

Avoid the expensive AND risky process of custom coding your integrations. Deploy integrations in minutes (or disable them in seconds)

Move documents & structured data

Send documents and data between systems or enable two way sync between a folder or entire legal matter, and archive them upon closure

Remain in control at all times

Build integration workflows that automate manual processes or tasks, but control as much or as little about how, when and why the data is moved

Product FAQ's


Yes. Syncly is able to be used with on-prem applications with the added installation of our Syncly applet. This sits in your environment and helps manage the comms in and out. 

No. For ad-hoc data synchronisations and document movement, Syncly can often be accessed natively within the source application through a right-click menu option

Yes. Syncly connectors can be added more than once and configured to point to both your live, dev, and perhaps UAT environments

Potentially, yes. We have built syncly with the enterprise in mind, and as such have allowed for scenarios where you want to self-manage your own instance of Syncly. Speak to our team to find out more

Integration is no longer optional


Is the average salary for a senior full stack developer and rapidly increasing thanks to current market forces


Blame the lack of integration for poor team performance


More executives name integration as a top priority when compared to 2021

"Syncly makes moving documents across our tech stack a simple, secure and intuitive process"
Michelle Grossman, Chief Innovation Officer
Lander and Rogers

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