Integrate your legal tech stack

The Integration platform that helps law firms move, and manage, their data.

Integrate your legal
tech stack

The Integration platform that helps law firms move, and manage, their data.

iPaaS for legal

Integration is a secret weapon

Stop being "ok" with having a fragmented and disjointed tech stack. Integration is no longer just for those with large technology departments or budgets


Search our connector library for the integration you need and simply add it to your Syncly Hub account


Workflows are what we classify as integrations. Create and deploy a workflow using our step-by-step builder within minutes

Alerts & Reports

Get notified when a workflow is triggered, a data limit is reached, or when a system is inaccessible

We love our clients

😬 Stop creating data silos...

Data is your biggest asset, and also your biggest risk! Without proper governance, you run the risk of information being shared at the wrong time, or worse still getting into the wrong hands

...Start creating integrations 🧘‍♀️

Start creating integration workflows that remove data silos, save time, and don’t break the audit trail. If a vendor does not see the value in having their product integrated, then look elsewhere.

Integrate without code

Easily build and deploy secure and reliable integrations in minutes without any custom development

Move docs & data

Setup one-way, two-way, or archival workflows & empower end users with right-click upload options

Receive alerts

Importantly, you will never miss a “movement”, with built-in alerts and notifications

View audits & reports

Finally, every action performed by Syncly is captured and presented you to via visual dashboards, or detailed audit reports

Connect your stack with Syncly

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people most often want to know when speaking to us?

Yes. Syncly is able to be used with on-prem applications with the added installation of our Syncly applet. This sits in your environment and helps manage the comms in and out. 

No. For ad-hoc data synchronisations and document movement, Syncly can often be accessed natively within the source application through a right-click menu option

Yes. Syncly connectors can be added more than once and configured to point to both your live, dev, and perhaps UAT environments

Potentially, yes. We have built syncly with the enterprise in mind, and as such have allowed for scenarios where you want to self-manage your own instance of Syncly. Speak to our team to find out more