Integrate your legal tech stack

The integration platform that helps law firms move, and manage, their data

Integrate your legal
tech stack

The Integration platform that helps law firms move, and manage, their data.

iPaaS for legal

Integration is a secret weapon

Leverage integration as a way of creating a unified customer experience. Realise the full potential of your tech stack investment and sleep a little easier at night knowing things are where they are meant to be!

Stop creating data silos

Data is your biggest asset, don’t let it become your biggest risk

Start creating integrations

Integrations can help remove data duplication, avoid human error, and create more powerful experiences

We love our clients

Secure authentication

All connectors are configured using secret keys. Each user is then individually authenticated via OAuth 2.0

Build integration workflows

Easily build and deploy secure and reliable integrations in minutes without any custom development

Move documents & data

Move data in any direction, and retain control over what is (or is not) included when a workflow is triggered

View audits & reports

Finally, every action performed by Syncly is captured and presented you to via visual dashboards, or detailed audit reports

Connect your stack with Syncly