Because safety is no accident

Syncly has been built from the ground up with one thing in mind - Keeping your data secure from source to target.


Security and Infrastructure


All data is encrypted using the 256bit AES encryption standard


Synclys browser inteface is encrypted and protected via HTTPS

Zero trust

All Syncly architecture adopts a strict Zero Trust security model

Data retention

We don't store any of your sensitive data and caching is purged immediately

User management

We do not store usernames or passwords, instead we require federation services such as ADFS or SAML

Data sovereignty

We leverage several Azure Data Center locations around the world

Session management

All user sessions will automatically timeout after a defined time

OAuth 2.0

Every connector requires individual users to authenticate as themselves

99.9% uptime

All Syncly services are backed up in order to provide you with 99.9% uptime


Syncly has been built to take full advantage of modern cloud architecture. We know your data, and your integrations are important to you!

SOC 2 Accreditation

By attaining SOC 2 Accreditation, we are proving to you just how serious we are about security


All of our data handling procedures are GDPR compliant

Penetration testing

We perform frequent penetration testing on our platform. This way we can remain vigilant and responsible


You can read all about our privacy stance by viewing our Privacy Policy - here

Make your IT team feel safe & secure

  • No such thing as a Syncly username
    Leverage enterprise federated login services such as Azure AD to manage access to Syncly
  • Never trust, always verify
    We apply a Zero Trust Architecture to all employee access and devices within Syncly
  • SOC 2 Accreditation
    We are proudly SOC 2 Accredited which means your data is safe with us
Logos of "Azure", "AES 256 encryption", "GDPR""

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