Automate the secure movement
of legal data

Foster efficiency, collaboration, and security by eliminating manual processes and avoiding data silos

Documents and data in real time

Equip your lawyers to work however they want while always providing your clients with realtime access to the most recent and up-to-date data.

Foster efficiency, collaboration, and security by eliminating manual processes and avoiding data silos.

Integrations live in <30 seconds

Untether yourself from the IT department with Syncly, you can have an integration Workflow live in <30 seconds - it's never been easier to sync legal data

No-code integrations

Effortlessly connect systems with no-code solutions for seamless integration and enhanced productivity

Workflow builder

Effortlessly create synchronisation workflows without any technical experience

Complete audit history

Every workflow can be easily monitored via our dashboards and history tables

Simple, yet powerful settings

Powerful, does not need to be complex. Syncly makes it intuitive and enjoyable to configure each workflow just how you need it

The Syncly Engine, will only ever show you options that are guaranteed to work with your source and target

Sync, move, copy & archive

Choose your desired method for moving data between systems

Options, Triggers & filters

Each workflow can use a combination of powerful configuration settings

Error handling and alerts

Sometimes errors occur, we make it easy to see what went wrong and fix it

Built for the enterprise

Scale on-demand with elastic infrastructure

Keep your IT team happy with robust governance, security and controls


Secure Single Sign on (SSO) via your Identity Provider service of choice

Audit history

Complete audit history of every action a Workflow performs on every single document

Infinite scalability

Powered by scalable infrastructure that will scale up or down for an unlimited number of workflow actions

Automate the archival of data

"With Syncly, we enable the movement of documents from our DMS to HighQ. We then automate the archival of data upon matter closure"

Asitha Udumalagala

Head of Information Technology @ Makinson d'Apice

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