Sync your data with SharePoint in order to share it with the wider organisation.

Share knowledge with SharePoint

One of the key benefits of syncing your document management system to Sharepoint is the ability to enable knowledge sharing across the firm. This is crucial for maintaining a culture of continuous learning, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall quality of work.

By using Syncly connect Sharepoint to your DMS, law firms can create a central repository of information that is accessible to all staff members. This repository can include documents, precedence, best practices and procedures, due diligence checklists, and other resources that can be shared and accessed by everyone in the firm. Furthermore, knowledge sharing can improve the overall quality of work produced by the law firm. By sharing best practices, staff members can learn from each other's successes and avoid common mistakes. This helps to ensure that the firm is consistently delivering high-quality work to its clients.

Finally, knowledge sharing can improve efficiency and reduce duplication of effort. By making information readily available, staff members can save time and avoid having to recreate documents or research that has already been done by someone else in the firm. This enables the firm to be more productive and responsive to client needs.

Supported Functions

  • One-way Sync
  • Two-way Sync
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Version Control (Major versions only)

Features + Benefits

Provide exceptional customer experiences, knowing that you
haven't shared the wrong document

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Sync between source & target in realtime or on a schedule

Audit Trail

Every action performed by a Syncly workflow is captured

Large Files

Move large files without fear of timeouts or errors

Features + Benefits

Provide exceptional customer experiences, knowing that you
haven't shared the wrong document


Sync documents between HighQ and any other source in realtime or on a schedule

Automated archival

Archive HighQ sites to a system of record, including files and other site assets


Push data in one direction into HighQ, or sync data between both source and target locations

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